MARVINDEV Protoyping Services

Sketch. Make. Realize.

A new idea came to your mind? We can realize the prototype for it! A huge advantage for that is our interdisciplinary engagement which enables us to accomplish every task from the initial idea to the finished prototype – even when that means putting on welding gloves or etching a PCB after coding or CAD on PC.

You can take a look at our created objects and devices as well as our references here: [todo]

Since 2017 we are excited about 3D printing and do count ourselves as enthusiasts and developers considering both hardware and software. We are also engaging in local working groups for (additive) manufacturing and provide consulting.

We have 5 3D printers regarding FFF/FDM and LCD MSLA technology. Since a few weeks a belt-printer also belongs to us, enabling the continuous manufacturing of really long parts. Of course this printer also already has been modified by us.

You can find our 3D printing services here: [todo]

We are not only active in mechanical engineering but also speak the language of computer science – or Python, C++, HTML/CSS, Javascript and QlikView to be more specific.

That is why we also offer software services from firmware modifications of 3D printers up to full standalone Apps with GUI, e.g. for web automation tools or AR web applications. We also are able to develop QlikView BI Apps, to mention another field of potential.

You can have a look at our software projects here [todo]

We are writing texts of every kind for blogs, websites, product description, amazon affiliate sites, news magazines or others. We are an authoring team from all over the world with people from Germany, China, Spain, Canada and more – each with a different background and skillset. That is why we can cover every subject, from highly technical texts up to psychological essays or beauty blogposts.

We also offer translations of German – English – Chinese in every direction.

You can get more information here: (currently under construction/maintenance)

Hi there! This site’s purpose is to give you an overview over our competence network. I am a maker and tinkerer with a passion for anything technical. I know people who share that passion and together we want to create a development network supporting you with your ideas and projects on many levels – we incorporate an editorial office, a 3D print farm, a code forge and much more.

Together with strong partners from advertising agencies to aluminium foundries we can make any technical prototype happen!

Get in touch with us!

Send an e-mail to, dial +49 (0) 15787408400 or just enter your thoughts and ideas into the following contact form. We will get in touch with you asap!